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“This Little Light of Mine”

This Little Light of Mine, I’m going to let it shine. This little light of mine, I’m going let it shine. This little light of mine, I’m going let it shine, let it shine, let it shine, let is shine.
I’m going to stomp my feet, and I’m going to clap my hands and Shout, Shout. I’m going to run around, I’ll jump off the ground and shout, shout.

This is currently my three year-old’s favorite song. We listen to it ATLEAST once a day.

I was reading in the Psalms today and I came across this verse: “Many are saying, “Who can show us anything good?” Let the light of your presence shine on us, O LORD. You put more joy in my heart than when their grain and new wine increase. I fall asleep in peace the moment I lie down because you alone, O LORD, enable me to live securely.” Psalm 4:6-8
Does that make peace flood your soul like it does mine? My mind immediately goes to singing “This Little Light of Mine” and “I’ve Got Peace Like a River” (Another favorite over here.
As I read further, the wheels in my mind began to turn. What deeper meaning is there to this?
Today, many churches have gone online, meaning in order to be in church, we have done some church hopping, and have listened to many messages online as well. The trouble I’ve been having with them, is that so many preachers and pastors are bewailing the bad, how dark and bad these times are. I’m not a preach the prosperity gospel kind of gal, but what we need is a hope, not more darkness.

One thing that anyone can see is that a light shines brighter in the dark. My porch light is barely visible in the sunshine, but at night it shines so brightly. Even the dimmest light in the day becomes glaring at night. Like the green light on my smoke alarm that glares at me in the dark while I’m trying to sleep. The same with your light of the saviour in your soul. It shines brighter during these times, we just have to choose to let it shine.

This simple child’s song, as some motions that go with it. This version adds on to it with the stomping, clapping, etc. While writing I thought of another aspect. Having been in church my whole life, I’ve seen multiple types of “singers”, you got the not paying attention, the “read along silently”, the “whisper” singers, the “I’ll sing as loud as everyone else” and the “sing like nobodies business”.
You can ride through life complacent. You can read God’s word every day and never act on it. You can go to church and whisper through the motions. You can act along while everyone else is doing the same, or you can Sing and SHOUT! People will notice, that is for sure. We tend to think people notice in a negative way, the reality is, they may not, they may be wishing they had the courage to do the same.

Right now, the hopelessness and despair in the world, make being a Christian and shining brightly simple enough. You just have to make an effort. Get offline. Go talk to your neighbor. Look into people’s eyes when you are speaking to them. Say “Thank you” and MEAN IT. Be Kind. Show others God’s love by actions. Trust me, there is enough people walking around with bad attitudes, that one good one makes a difference.

Published by amandamccann

I am a work from home mom of 2 beautiful daughters and a loving husband who works his butt off for our family. Although from the outside, we have the perfect family, inside the doors of our home contain many trails and struggles -Just as yours does. No one is perfect, and honestly I am thankful for the imperfections in life because they show me just how wonderful God is to me.

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